The Best and The Worst Position To Help Last Longer In Bed

The best and the worst positions that answer, ‘how to last longer in bed for men’ are:
The perfect one: The male lies comfortably on his back; the woman mounts him and sits on his legs with a leg on each side of his thighs. In this process, the female thrusts and gains control. The male just has to lay, relax and enjoy while she performs the job.
In order to change to a more comfortable pose, the male needs to allow the female to lie on his chest so that they are in a warm embrace and can kiss each other easily. This results in delay of ejaculation.  This position is blissful for both the partners. Since the male is under no stress his ejaculation is deferred.
The pressurizing one: All the positions that leave the majority of the exertion for the male should be avoided. If the male stands to face the issue of finishing rapidly, all these pose won’t be of any help.

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