Get Your Distinct Pheromones Ready

Ever wondered why a man smells differently and a woman smells like an alien? For a man, every other man either stinks or does not have a smell while every woman has got a signature smell. This has got everything to do with a chemical called as pheromones. The human body gives off chemical indicators that were intended by nature to find the perfect match. This natural power is no longer needed today as humans are naturally akin to finding a match based on logic and reason rather than chemical indicators. Furthermore, the use of perfumes and strong scents hamper this natural process as they selectively remove any trace of body odor.
Deoderants are supposed to work by suppressing body odor but by doing this they also remove pheromones from your body thus reducing your attractive quotient. Instead, try using perfumes and toilet sprays most of the time as they serve as a carrier for your pheromones. The best approach is to take along a woman and find out which perfumes smell attractive on your.

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